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2017 China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum Application Guidelines

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2017 China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum

Application Guidelines


December 7–9, 2017

Yunnan, China

1、    Time and Location

1.1  2017 China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum

     December 8-9, at Banqueting Hall of Empark Grand Hotel Kunming.

1.2  Banquet

     In the evening of December 8 at Banqueting Hall of Empark Grand Hotel Kunming.


2、    Schedule

Schedule will be released online at http://www.cae-forum.org and it will be sent to registered email addresses of invited guests at the same time when they complete the application.


3、    Online Application Procedure and Registration

3.1  Online Application

3.1.1  All participants shall register though channels exclusively provided by the Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum.

Registration via official website: http://www.cae-forum.org;

Registration via Wezhan: 1509950411643231.png

Registration via Wechat Official Account: 1509950431351123.jpg

Please fill in the application form with information as required.

3.1.2  Online application system will be launched from October 20, 00:00 to December 3, 24:00. Please remember to fill in the application form at the time mentioned above.

3.1.3  Please read notices and requirements carefully, to complete the form with correct information ensuring a timely reception by the Organizing Committee.

3.1.4  Once online application is successfully completed, personal identification number (PIN) will be sent to designated email by the Organizing Committee.

3.2  Registration and Documents

3.2.1  Location: Registration Center of Empark Grand Hotel Kunming.

3.2.2  Opening Hours

December 7    08:00-24:00

December 8    08:00-12:00

3.2.3  Procedure for Colleting Documents

      Forum pass and documents shall be collected from the Registration Center when presenting personal identification number.

3.2.4  Notices

      The Registration Center is within the Safety and Control Area. Entrance is permitted only if valid identification card and confirmation letter (QR code) are presented. During the forum, shuttle buses will be arranged connecting two hotels designated for the Forum. Regarding itineraries of shuttle buses, please do not hesitate to inquire the hotel reception.

3.3  Personal Information Protection

      Personal information of participants will be used only for verification, producing forum pass and other related purposes. It will be protected by strict standard. Only staffs of the Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum will have access to those information.  

4、    Designated Hotel

Degignated hotel for 2017 China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum is Empark Grand Hotel Kunming. During the forum, the hotel might experience shortage of available rooms. Thus, unregistered guests who come with registered participants shall report to the Organizing Committee and providing personal information and recent digital photo in passport/ID card size. Priority shall be given to registered participants, needs of unregistered guests will be considered depending on the circumstances.

Regarding details of accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee.

Telephone: 0871-63366331

Email: contact@cae-forum.org


5、    Transportation

During the forum (December 7-9), free transportation services will be provided between Kunming Changshui International Airport and designated hotel.

     To ensure better services for our valued participants, please do remember to fill in arrival and departure dates of your flight at Kunming Changshui International Airport in the application system.


6、    Facilities and Services

6.1  Translation

The Forum provides simultaneous interpretation between Mandarin Chinese and English.

6.2  Facilities and Services

6.2.1  Information Center/Help Desk

      During the forum, information center/help desk can be reached in the following locations: airport, designated hotel, Registration Center and forum venues.

6.2.2  Printing Services

      Printing services can be reached at the Registration Center of Empark Grand Hotel Kunming.

6.2.3  Press/Media/Interview

      Reserved areas for media interview will be available within Empark Grand Hotel Kunming, please feel free to use this service.

6.2.4  Medical Services

      A health center/clinic within Empark Grand Hotel Kunming and emergency medical services will be provided. (location:) Any medical charges will be on person-who-need’s own bill.


7、    Attire Requirements

Business Formal


Weather in Kunming in December

Average Temperature 5-15 °c. During the daytime, suit, lined dress, trench coat, casual wear, jacket and thin sweater are recommended;

During the night, overcoat, leather jacket and cotton-padded clothes are recommended.


8、    Security Check

During the forum, security check is a requirement within forum venues of Empark Grand Hotel Kunming. Entrance is permitted if participants are carrying valid Forum passes. Before entering Forum venues, verification of pass and security check shall be performed.


9、    Fees

9.1     With Accommodation

Participation Fees: 3000 RMB

Including:  Accommodation for 3 nights

                Buffets for 3 days (3 buffet lunches & 2 buffet dinners)




9.2      Without Accommodation

Participation Fees: 2000 RMB

Including:  Buffets for 3 days (3 buffet lunches & 2 buffet dinners)



9.3      Payment

9.3.1  Bank Account

Company Name: TAETEA ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum Business Co., Ltd.

Bank Name: Huaxia Bank Kunming Hongta Branch

Account Number: 10751000000511766

10、 Souvenir

Each participant will receive a souvenir gift box (high-end Pu’er tea).

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