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【Xinhuanet】TAETEA ASEAN Institute for Tourism and Culture Studies was founded in the background of B

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On September 10th, the opening ceremony of TAETEA ASEAN Institute for Tourism and Culture Studies was held in Kunming. The Academy comprises well-known experts and scholars in the field of economy, culture and tourism home and abroad.


The Academy has become the platform for China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum, and provides solutions to trans-boundary development issues as well as proposing ideas and plans for regional economic constructions.


Secretary General Wu Jianzhuo of the Academy introduced that the Academy is founded to be a modern research institute that complies with the demand of economic development, integrates research resources to build an ASEAN think tank solving social hotspot problems. It aims at coordinating entrepreneurs, research institutes and local governmental departments to cooperate with each other so as to avoid investment risks and support the entire industry.


In fact, with the promotion of China-ASEAN free trade zone construction, and under the mechanism of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, cultural exchanges have become more frequently, and tourism culture has developed in the new engine of China-ASEAN cooperation.


Businessmen and scholars look up to further increase of opportunities in China-ASEAN free trade zone, they are now thinking how to make better use of the geographical advantages of Yunnan to open ASEAN markets. They all affirmed the role of the Academy in enhancing the development in the industry of tourism and culture, promoting the cultural exchanges between Yunnan and ASEAN countries as well as providing service to the constructions of Belt and Road initiatives.

BY:Yang Zhihui


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