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China-ASEAN Experts Joined Together for the Talk of Opportunities in Yunnan

Posting Date:2016-11-04 10:38:00 Viewers:1058

On September 14th, the Expert Consultation of China-ASEAN Business Forum was held in Kunming. Members of China-ASEAN Business Council and well-known experts from Beijing University as well as people in the media world and business field attended such consultation.


The invited guests expressed their thoughts on how enterprises seize opportunities on the background of the Belt and Road Initiatives.

Executive Director Xu Ningning of China-ASEAN Business Council and Professor Zhai Kun of International Relationship College of Beijing University respectively delivered a speech on the consultation.


Xu Ningning said, on the background of the Belt and Road Initiatives, ASEAN integration process had accelerated recently, China-ASEAN cooperations had also expanded. Relative statistics showed that ASEAN had become the first choice for the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises and ASEAN had tremendous cooperative potentials on fields of electric power, electrical products, shoe and cloth production, textile and constructions of industrial parks. Domestic enterprises can turn their focuses on researching relative industry policies of ASEAN countries, especially those of Mekong areas so as to dig out business opportunities. Yunnan Province had accumulated much experience with its unique regional advantages and should be learnt by domestic enterprises.


Meanwhile, Xu Ningning pointed out the present problems of Chinese enterprises, such as they would prefer to play alone, the product qualities were not very high, and they only pursued short-term effect. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should timely alter their industrial plans under the new situation, and it was better for them to join hands and go global together, which will build a good image for cooperations in ASEAN countries.


Zhai Kun elaborated on Yunnan’s role played alongside the development of the Belt and Road Initiatives from the perspectives of politics, safety, economy and society. He thought Yunnan should upgrade the cooperation mechanism in the Lancang-Mekong areas, and enterprises should find the pointcuts for China-ASEAN cooperations based on such mechanism. He especially pointed out that when Yunan entered the high-speed train era at the end of this year, it would be more open to the outside world and we would witness enormous changes here. Enterprises should not only take the advantage of convenient transportation but also see through it and find new business opportunities. They would discover the high-speed train economy would become the powerful connection between Yunnan and ASEAN countries in the field of transportation, finance, information, human resources and logistics. At the same time, the mindset of people alongside the railways would also change deeply, they would embrace the “sea ideology” from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and coastal areas, such changes of people would also generate a lot of business opportunities which should not be ignored by businessmen home and abroad.


In addition, after the founding of China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Committee recently, the Committee had invited 6 nation-level experts, more than 30 professors of PHD tutor level as well as other experts from 10 more universities and colleges, all related to China-ASEAN cooperation, to join the Committee and provide talent support. The China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum wwill be held in December in Xishuangbanna. This consultation and the forum ahead are and will be all supported by the Taetea Group, a well-known tea enterprise in China.


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