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IX. Membership Application

1. Channels of Application

A.   Official website http://www.tie-club.com/→Join in TIE-ClubScan QR CodeRegister MembershipChoose MembershipSubmit DocumentsClub ApprovalPaymentRegistration Complete

B.    Official WeChat Account: TIE-Club→Register MembershipChoose MembershipSubmit DocumentsClub ApprovalPaymentRegistration Complete

C. TIE-Club App (to be developed)

2. Documents to Submit

Members at different levels please submit documents as follows:

Gold Memberships: except former CAE-Club members who have not upgraded to Associate Member and Partner Member, and iTAETEA Gold Members, all new members need to provide name, cell phone number and ID card photo.

Associate Memberships: ID card/passport photo, employer’s business license or organization registration license, and employment verification letter.

Partner Memberships: ID card/passport photo, employer’s business license or organization registration license, employment verification letter, and employer’s documents on registered capital and yearly sales.

X. Membership Renewal

1.      Membership fee should be paid on yearly basis and continuous membership is subject to timely payment of membership fee.

2.      Membership should be renewed when it expires in 12 months since the first payment date of membership fee, and membership renewal should be complete within 1 month of expiration date, or membership does not retain. For example, member A paid membership fee and entered the Club on June 20, 2018, the renewal date is June 19, 2019 and renewal should be complete by June 19, 2019, the latest date to complete the renewal of membership is July 19, 2019, or the membership does not retain.

3.      Members can renew their membership in advance and enjoy the next year membership rights, however the maximum of open period for renewal is 3 months to expiration date.

4.      Within three months of payment, members are entitled to open an E-invoice for the payment, invoice information should be the same as those when members submit the registration.

XI. Payment Bank

1. Bank Information

Bank Name: Kunming Hongta Branch of Hua Xia Bank

Name of Account Holder: Yunnan TAETEA ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum Business Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 10751000000511766

Bank Address: 155 Beijing Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China


2. Wechat Payment, Alipay

XII. Contact

TAETEA International Entrepreneurs Club

Address: 12th Floor, China Eastern Airlines Investment Office Building, 219 Chuncheng Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Telephone: 86-871-63366331, Fax: 86-871-63366307

E-mail: contact@cae-forum.org, Website: www.tie-club.com

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