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I. Introduction

TAETEA International Entrepreneurs Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”, or “TIE-Club” in abbreviation) is a service platform for business leaders and entrepreneurs from China and the rest of the world, to build up high-end interpersonal connections through social and big data combined services.

TIE-Club recruits members with real-names, by invitation and with membership fees. The Club is committed to bringing quality life, deep communication and win-win cooperation opportunities for members through such online and offline activities as international forums, theme tea parties, MBA courses, leading business visits, charity activities, big data and financial service.


II. Club Logo


The logo of the Club emblems 11 white and blue colors bringing all members in the same boat to 7 continents and 4 oceans in the world.


III. Purpose

To build up friendship through tea drinking and values sharing.


IV. Vision

To be the most popular social and big data service platform for global businessmen and entrepreneurs who love tea.


V. Three Values

Cooperation Value-Cooperation should be the base for the construction of community of shared future for human beings. In the background of economic globalization, the Club aims to provide more foreseeing, systemetic and strategic research for members, member enterprises, thus promoting the global trade and investment convenience, laying solid ground for future material development, deepening regional cooperation and strengthening mutural cooperation.

Social Value-Social and win-win values are realized by effective communication of members with shared interests and life values and based on in-depth trust and friendship established accordingly.

Cultural Value-Members learn the essences of culture of China and other countries, enhance the pursuit of aesthetics and quality life by attending online and offline activities such as international forums, theme tea parties, MBA courses, leading business visits, charity activities, big data and financial service. 

VI. Supporting Platforms

One Forum: China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum

China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum is a non-governmental and regional forum organization, founded by entrepreneurs from China and ASEAN states. Its purpose is to build a high-level dialogue platform for business leaders, statesmen and academic scholars from both sides to make connections and friends, to foster new economic growth opportunities, to share business insights and wisdom, and to pursue common business interests, with the goal to achieve sustainable cooperation, innovation and economic development.

China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum has been held twice successfully in Yunnan, China and over 2400 former governmental officials, entrepreneurs, experts from China and ASEAN countries had attended the influential meeting in the region. 

One Think Tank: TAETEA Think Tank

TAETEA Think Tank (TTT), a new independent institution jointly founded by a group of renowned experts and scholars from ASEAN countries and China, is a high-end think tank that transcends the boundaries of state, industry and academic discipline.

Featured with the vision of ‘Regional Cooperation, Cross-industry Exchanges, Wisdom Enlightenment and Value-sharing,’ TTT is building an independent, meritorious and influential think tank in international arena with the values of ‘objectiveness, professionalism, openness and inclusiveness.’

A Business School: TAETEA Business Academy

TAETEA Business Academy(TBA) is an enterprise university established with the integration of industrial, cultural and social resources by TAETEA Group. TBA is a learning platform that provides employee training, customer and member service, and consumer cultivation. It aims to improve people's  personality perfection and healthy life-style,strengthen tea culture studies, enhance business management skills, and nurture composite calibers of understanding tea and business.

By adhering to the basic value of "Business,Taste and Wisdom", it strives to be a learning platform that blends the spirit of Chinese Chadao with business wisdom,providing value-sharing opportunities for all.

One Fund: Belt and Road ASEAN Investment and Development Fund

Belt and Road ASEAN Investment and Development Fund is set up under the Belt and Road Initiative for the investment opportunity fostering and service in education, big health and medicine, modern agriculture, biotechnology and electric information industries in China and ASEAN region. It is an industry and finance integrated platform and a regional development fund centered in Yunnan and covering southeast Asia.

The fund’s manager, Yunnan Ningxiang Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., is a professional equity management company that was on the first list of funds registered in Yunnan and authorized by Asset Management Association of China. 

VII. Organizational Structure

i. The “Council” is the executive body of the Club and consists of the chairman, vice chairmen, standing directors and directors.

ii. The “Secretariat” is the day-to-day management body of the Club. The legal entity is Yunnan TAETEA ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum Business Co., Ltd.

iii. Member Activity Centers/Theme Tribes

Member Activity Centers/Theme Tribes are authorized local service platforms to organize activities and to provide services for local members. Theme Tribes are places to meet“life circles” of members with similar interests and values. Qualified partner members need to apply to the Club and organize a theme tribe and conduct the theme related activities when it is approved. Themes varies from golf, tennis, ikebana, aviation, yacht, fencing, cuisine, to hiking and so on. 

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